ACT Lawrence Announces New Collaboration with Bread & Roses Housing

ACT Lawrence Announces New Collaboration with Bread & Roses Housing

Two hard-working non-profit organizations have agreed to combine their resources in order to help forge a better future for the low-income populations of Lawrence. 

Lawrence, MA – ACT Lawrence (formally known as Arlington Community Trabajando) has announced that they will be undergoing a new collaboration with Bread & Roses Housing in Lawrence.

Bread & Roses Housing, which takes its name from the famous Bread and Roses Strike of 1912, is a community land trust that has served as a leading provider of affordable homes for low-income families in the Greater Lawrence vicinity.

Last year the organization obtained the land of the former property 314 East Haverhill St. in Lawrence, and have demolished the house with the plan to construct four units of affordable home-ownership housing in its place. On Friday, June 10th, they finally broke ground on the site of what shall hopefully be a future home for four lucky families.

According to Yesenia Gil, executive director of Bread & Roses, full construction will begin on June 20th, and will last a duration of six months. Meanwhile, the process of selecting the four families will begin in late July and is expected to last until September.

Thanks to the new collaboration between ACT and Bread & Roses, the new homeowners will be given the opportunity to utilize ACT’s financial literacy programs, which include financial coaching sessions and first-time homebuyer workshops. The partnership shall yield greater opportunities for those in need, while also solidifying a bond between two core non-profits that work diligently within the city of Lawrence.

Ana Luna, Executive Director of ACT Lawrence, declared, “partnering with Bread and Roses Housing strengthens both of our capacity to stabilize neighborhoods by increasing affordable housing opportunities and preparing low income families with financial knowledge and coaching to achieve successful home ownership.”

With help from ACT, the new homeowners will be able to better manage their debt, build credit, and purchase the homes within a year. However, this collaboration does not stop with this one project – ACT Lawrence will offer its services to all new and current Bread & Roses homeowners, allowing the organization to reach and assist an even larger population.

Luna also remarked that this is just one small step for ACT Lawrence, and that she is planning on bringing even more collaborations and partnerships like this one into the organization’s future.