ACT Lawrence operates a wide array of services and programs through our Financial Capability and Opportunity Center. The purpose is to help empower and impact low to moderate-income families in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Our center is a comprehensive initiative that provides financial education and coaching. Our organization educates and counsels others on the topics of affordable housing, foreclosure prevention, purchasing a home for a First-Time Homeowner, Post Purchase Education, Financial Literacy, Youth Development and Business Development. Our program has taught Lawrence families to manage their finances, manage their household income and savings so they can save for college, buy a home or start a business; foreclosure prevention counseling also equips families with strategies to prevent foreclosure and maintain housing stability; finally, our homeownership education assists families in learning the process of buying a home and prepares them to become successful homeowners.

Homeownership Education

Assists families to learn the process of buying a home and preparing to become a homeowner.

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Financial Capability Education

Do you have financial goals but trouble sticking with your plan? If so, participate in this FREE Financial Capability program that matches you to a trained financial coach.

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Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

Assisting families with strategies to prevent foreclosure and keep their homes.

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Housing Development

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Business Development

Provides training, research data, technical assistance and micro-loans to Lawrence entrepreneurs and financial coaching participants planning to open or expand a business.

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Youth Leadership Program

The Youth Leadership program offers paid summer jobs and leadership workshops to youth ages 14 to 22 years old.  We host (2) groups who will be trained in a diverse number of life changing experiences.  

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The Lawrence Arts House

The Lawrence Arts House (LA House) is an expressive arts studio in Lawrence, MA providing a space to create, learn, grow, & enact change through the arts.

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